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Throughout time Mennonite women have gathered to make quilts.  Whether in support of one another, or in support of a wider community in need, quilts have been made for relief distribution and for MCC Relief Sales where they have generated interest and money for the programs of MCC.


The making of fund-raising quilts in the Material Resources Centre in Winnipeg MB began in the early 1990’s when a young woman came in with a worn, much-loved quilt made by a grandmother and asked whether at any cost a quilt like it could be made for her.  Since then, a small group of women have met weekly to quilt.  In addition to quilting and sewing upon request, the group continues to create quilts and other items for sale.  Meeting around a quilting frame or sitting side by side at a sewing machine has continued to provide friendship and bonds of caring for the women who have been part of this group.


Quilts made by recently named ‘Piece it Together' have been sold at various relief sales in Canada.  After MCC Relief Sales in Winnipeg were discontinued in 2020, we have hosted our own annual sale events and continue to plan more for the future. 

The spring event has also featured a quilt show in which we promote an appreciation of the art of quilting.



MCC is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion through relief, development and peacebuilding.

The proceeds from your purchase provide supplies to MCC’s Material Resources Centres to assemble kits that meet the basic needs of people affected by conflict and disasters around the world.

The supplies that MCC sends around the world offer comfort to families facing disaster or crisis.


They’re also a tangible way you can share God’s love and compassion, reminding people around the world that their needs are not forgotten.

Fabrics, sewing items, or quilts (quilt tops, unfinished or otherwise), are gratefully accepted.

The money we raise goes towards the purchase of practical items that make up relief kits, school kits,  hygiene, infant care, and dignity kits, which are sent to various countries where the needs are great. Comforters, blankets and sewing kits are also sent to many schools, orphanages and hospitals. 

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